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A passion and appreciation for design and event planning started when she was pregnant with her daughter, Harmani. She wanted a baby shower where she could invite everyone from both sides of the family, friends, co-workers, and pretty much everyone to celebrate this moment in her life. She didn't want just anyone to take on this huge responsibility and truthfully she didn't have anyone. So she started getting ideas and that's when she discovered The Event Planner Bible "Pinterest".  She had no idea that baby shower and birthdays parties were such a huge thing. Shereece saw so many ideas and themes and she truly loved how creative and innovated planning could be.  After spending many hours per day and night on Pinterest, she would go to sleep and dream and vision exactly how she wanted the baby shower to be.  Shereece truly enjoyed bringing together her vision, ideas and her unique creativity, which created a breathtaking outcome. Once her guests arrived and saw the venue, everyone was asking around to find out who designed this event. Her guests had no idea that, the mother to be was eight months pregnant and she planned this entire event. From that day on, Shereece has been planning events for family and friends and customers that would hear about ReeseWorkzs by word of Mouth!

       One of the ways you can transform your ordinary day into extraordinary is to master your craft.  By thinking of yourself as a craftsman, you can think of your work as your art. By immersing yourself in your work, you become fully engaged.  When you're fully engaged, you find your flow.  As you improve your art, you grow your ability.  As you grow yourself you grow your job.






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ReeseWorkz helps you make your event dreams come true with  personalized custom event decor

Make sure no details are overlooked for your perfect event! Reeseworkz helps you from start to finish with custom invitations

Every event needs a beautiful cake to be the centerpiece of your perfect party!






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